Friday, July 21, 2006

Iraqi LGBT condemns Israeli aggression

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IRAQI LGBT Support Lebanon, Stop the inhumane and barbaric attacks.

IRAQI LGBT calls for Boycotting the Jerusalem World Pride 2006.

IRAQI LGBT - London 19 July 2006

As the world stands silent against the intense raids and massacres towards innocent Lebanese by Israel, at least 212 Lebanese - mostly civilians have been killed, 498 injured and made to suffer on unjustified kind of violence since Israel launched attacks a week ago.

IRAQI LGBT condemned the inhumane and barbaric attacks on Lebanon by Israel and its army.

Lebanon will always remain the heart of freedom and liberation in the Middle East.

As we watch carefully the bleeding of Lebanon, we stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand to support Lebanon and call for an end of the military operation against it.

Lebanon has now been drawn in to the struggles of Iraq and Palestine, and the whole world is standing still without doing anything to stop this machinery of killing of innocent civilians.

IRAQI LGBT has watched and warned of the endless circle of violence in Palestine and what has become of the unlawful and illegal invasion of Iraq.

Israel has been and will always remain the very unwelcome alienated neighbor in the Middle East as long as they keep their killing policy against Palestinians and Lebanese innocent civilians.

We call for all LGBT world organizations to boycott Jerusalem World Pride 2006, and support the Iraqi's, Palestinians and Lebanese in their struggle and call for the occupying Israelis government to end their occupation and violence against innocent civilians.

We also call for all the LGBT groups and organization to support Helm the Lebanese LGBT organization.

IRAQI LGBT supports the global movement to boycott Jerusalem World Pride 2006 as part of the international boycott of, and divestment from Israel.

IRAQI LGBT strongly condemns holding World Pride in a city beleaguered by violence and conflict, and where the words "Love without Borders" belie a reality of separation, ubiquitous borders, destruction of homes and livelihoods, land theft, gross human rights atrocities and violations, and the apartheid policies of Israel.

We support the rights of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender people to love and live in freedom and to demonstrate publicly to demand their rights. These rights should not be placed in competition with the long struggle of the Palestinian people, including Palestinian LGBT people, for self-determination, for the right to return to their homes, and the struggle against apartheid and the occupation of their lands.

IRAQI LGBT support ASWAT-the Palestinian gay Women group decision on not to take part in the World Pride 2006.


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